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Cheap Firewood Auckland

*All prices Include GST

Macrocarpa Firewood


Cost per m³ $145

Medium firewood -great heat output and reasonably long burning, easy to start and clean burning. 

Note: Not suitable for open fires as has a tendency to spark and spit.


Pine Offcuts

Cost per m³ $75

Untreated pine, very clean but fast burning. Great to mix with other woods.


Tea Tree

Cost per m³ $350

New Zealand premier hardwood nothing burns hotter and longer than tea tree.

Great for pizza ovens, BBQ’s and hangi.

Hot Mix Firewood

Hot Mix

Cost per m³ $130

Our most popular product. A mix of macrocarpa, gum and pine. Great choice for those with glass fire doors.

Note: Macrocarpa may spark and we do not recommend it for open fires.

Gum Firewood


Cost per m³ $180

Hardwood, slow burning, super heat output and clean burning. Suited to open fires and log burners.

Can be hard to start a fire with if you do not have suitable kindling.

FREE DELIVERY for quantities of 3m³ or more

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